Do you have food?

We do not have a kitchen, but have an open door policy when it comes to bringing in food. Many people opt to bring in our neighbors at Pappy’s and Southern, but you’re welcome to bring in whatever you want. We recently started carrying limited quantities of Old Vienna Chips and Oberle meats as a limited “bar snack” menu.

When does the shuttle run?

The Stanley Shuttle runs for EVERY Blues home game. They are also available for private bookings. Visit for more details.

What does the parking situation look like?

We share the back parking lot with Pappy’s and Southern. There is also street parking out front in which you can pay meters. If no one is working in the brewhouse, that front door may be locked, so parking is more convenient in the back lot if it’s not full.

are your beers available in stores?

We were recently approved to start distribution! We also are installing a canning line in the brewery. With that being said, we are going to sell cans out of the tasting room for off-site consumption and will distribute kegs to bars and restaurants. You will not be able to find our cans in grocery stores for the time being.

Are you independent?

We pride ourselves on being an Independent Craft Certified Brewery through the Brewer’s Association. We go to great lengths to ensure our brewery remains a family-owned entity with a local feel.